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Empowering Women: A Conversational Dive into Pelvic Health and Sexual Wellness

Studio 512 Segment - Splendid Aesthetics, TX
In this sponsored segment by Splendid Aesthetics, we delve into an essential yet often overlooked aspect of women's health—pelvic health and sexual wellness. Dr. Robin Roberts, a board-certified neurologist, shares insights into this unique approach offered at Splendid Aesthetics in Kyle.
Dr. Roberts, with a background in urology, recognized the need for more extensive discussions on women's pelvic health beyond the constraints of traditional medical practices. In her med spa, she dedicates time to address concerns related to comfort, appearance, and intimacy. This includes issues such as post-childbirth changes, incontinence, and the often unspoken concerns about elongation or stretching of the labia.
The warm and inviting clinic environment at Splendid Aesthetics encourages open conversations. During appointments, patients have the opportunity to discuss their pelvic health history comprehensively. Dr. Roberts emphasizes the importance of shared decision-making tailoring treatment plans to individual goals.
Through this segment, Splendid Aesthetics aims to break the silence around women's sexual health, providing a space for education, understanding, and empowerment. Viewer discretion is advised, as the conversation touches on intimate topics that may not be suitable for all audiences.
To explore the services offered by Splendid Aesthetics, visit This segment is proudly sponsored by Splendid Aesthetics, your destination for comprehensive aesthetics, cosmetics, pelvic health, and sexual wellness for women.

Speaker 1: This segment is sponsored by Splendid Aesthetics. The following segment discusses women’s sexual health and may not be appropriate for all audiences. Viewer discretion. Advised splendid. Aesthetics down in Kyle is a medical spa, so they offer aesthetics, cosmetics, but they also offer something pretty special. They offer pelvic health and sexual wellness health for women. Courtesy of board certified urologist, Dr. Robyn Roberts. She’s with us this morning to talk to us more about this unique setup. Dr. Roberts, good morning.
Speaker 2: Good morning. Thank you for having me. Well,
Speaker 1: Thank you for inviting us out to this beautiful and relaxing space. Let’s talk a little bit more just off the bat, Dr. Roberts, if we can, about your history in medicine and what brought you here.
Speaker 2: So as a board certified urologist, I see a lot of women in my surgical or urologic practice, which is a traditional insurance-based medical practice. During those clinic visits, I oftentimes only have 10 minutes per patient, and that’s a lot of territory to cover in 10 minutes. So what I did here in my med spa is I opened my med spa practice up to Women’s pelvic health as well, so that we have more time to talk about those issues.
Speaker 1: You offer something specifically here that folks won’t find in a lot of other offices, but is kind of an uncomfortable topic to discuss. So we’re really trying to improve education for women.
Speaker 2: Women’s pelvic health also encompasses how comfortable they are with their body, how comfortable they are with their appearance, and how comfortable they are having intercourse. And one problem I see is especially after childbirth, along with some incontinence, women can also have elongation or stretching of the labia and the labia can oftentimes get in the way when women are having intercourse and cause pulling or tugging. And those sorts of topics are very difficult for some women to talk about.
Speaker 1: Well, when somebody does come and make an appointment for the first time, what does it look like?
Speaker 2: Yeah, so we love our clinic because it is warm and inviting. Patients will come into our clinic, they’ll sit down in our waiting room, they may fill out a health questionnaire, and we always love them to bring any copies of their labs with them and any surgical history they’ve had. And then when they come meet me in the exam room, we’ll talk about what’s bothering them and not just one item, but their whole pelvic health history. We’ll talk about things like lubrication or urinary tract infections or any tugging or pulling sensation from the labia. They’re libido if they’re in the menopause transition, post menopause past years. And then we’ll do a physical exam, and then we’re going to talk about a treatment plan. And that treatment plan is really based on shared decision making and what’s best for them and what goals they want to accomplish.
Speaker 1: I’m really glad that you shared with us this morning. Doctor. Thank you so much for your time. Well,
Speaker 2: Thank you for having me again.
Speaker 1: See all of the services that Splendid Aesthetics has to This segment is sponsored by Splendid Aesthetics.

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