Using Sculptra to increase volume in the face without plastic surgery

As we age, our skin loses collagen–often more than a quarter is gone by age forty-five. Sculptra by Galderma reactivates the skin’s natural regenerative process. To rejuvenate the skin, it may need a boost in collagen production. This can be achieved with these easy injectable treatment sessions with Dr. Robyn Roberts of Splendid Aesthetics in Kyle, Texas.

What is Sculptra?

Sculptra is an aesthetic treatment most often used to correct shallow to deep contour deficiencies in the face, using injectable poly-L-lactic acid. It is often used to correct deep nasolabial fold contours and other signs of aging. Sculptra is usually scheduled as a series of one to four treatment sessions at three-week intervals.

What can be enhanced with the use of Sculptra injections?

If you would like to improve any of the following, Sculptra could be right for you:

  • Wrinkles in the temples, cheeks, and lower face
  • Appearance and volume of the cheeks

During an initial consultation appointment with our team of professionals, you can find out if you are a good candidate for Sculptra injections. If not, we have many cosmetic injectable treatments for patients to consider when they visit our aesthetic med spa.

What can I expect from recovery time after my Sculptra injections?

Some patients experience tenderness, redness, and itching in treated areas for a few days after treatment. Sculptra is safe and effective, and FDA-approved. If you have any unusual experiences after your injections, you can contact our team to find out if you need further evaluation. The chance of an allergic reaction to Sculptra is rare, and our provider will offer aftercare instructions to ensure your results are safe and effective.

Learn more about Sculptra with our team at Splendid Aesthetics!

If you are considering Sculptra as a treatment for unwanted volume loss and live in the area of Kyle, TX, please reach out to Dr. Robyn Roberts and her team at Splendid Aesthetics. Call (512) 607-9377 to request a visit at our office, located at 1180 Seton Parkway, Suite #320. We would love to meet you and discuss non-surgical and noninvasive treatment options for your skin and body!