Restore your self-confidence, well-being, sexual health, and intimacy with labiaplasty

While there are undoubtedly many joys associated with the birth of a child and aging, changes to the vaginal area brought on by pregnancy and labor can make a woman feel less than her splendid best.

The labia minor are the inner “lips” which surround the opening to the vagina. In many women, these lips are enlarged causing issues with intimacy, sports and how clothes fit. Many women report their labia are often pinched, twisted and irritated during sex, physical activity and exercise. Some women seek procedures to help reduce the size of the labia in order to relieve this irritation. 

Fortunately, Dr. Robyn Roberts is a Board-Certified urologist  Surgeon with special and considerable expertise in treating complex female pelvic conditions.  Dr. Roberts is well-equipped to restore a woman’s self-confidence, well-being, and sexual health with the labiaplasty procedure. 

Candidates for labiaplasty

As with all procedures at Splendid Aesthetics in Kyle, Texas, Dr. Roberts starts with a consultation and examination. Labiaplasty is the surgical treatment or reduction of the labia minora or inner vaginal lips. With the passage of time and life events like childbirth, the labial tissue may become elongated, enlarged, or pigmented. 

Patients who undergo labia reduction surgery may do so to resolve:

  • Discomfort, pulling, and irritation during sex 
  • Pain, tugging, and irritation during exercise 
  • Discomfort caused by clothing rubbing up against enlarged tissues
  • Lack of comfort and confidence when wearing certain clothes, undergarments, and swimwear
  • Uncomfortable friction when walking or sitting for an extended time 
  • Problems urinating due to multi-directional stream
  • Challenges to proper hygiene due to sensitivity and irritation 
  • Increased risk of developing chronic infections like thrush and UTIs
  • Unpleasant odors as folds may trap perspiration, dirt, and bacteria 
  • Dissatisfaction with asymmetrical, pigmented, or lax appearance
  • Lack of satisfaction with sex
  • Poor self-image due to embarrassment 

What to expect

Treatment of labial hypertrophy with the labiaplasty can often be performed at our office. It is well-tolerated with local anesthesia. With that said, every patient is different. The labiaplasty will be completed at an outpatient surgery center for more extensive repair. We can also advise on relaxing medications for utmost comfort. These are taken as directed by Dr. Roberts before your appointment. It is imperative to arrange transportation to and from your appointment. Medications can cause lingering drowsiness. So, you must refrain from driving and operating machinery. 

Total treatment only takes 60 to 90 minutes once fully numbed with a topical cream and an injectable medication. In fact, most of our patients will leave the office or center within one to two hours after treatment. Be sure to follow any instructions related to follow-up appointments and taking pain and anti-inflammatory medications. We generally see patients immediately the next day. That way, we can do a post-operative check and answer or address any questions and concerns. 

Usually, women can return to work within one week and can get back to strenuous physical activity (including sex) once the absorbable sutures or stitches have dissolved and the incisions have healed. While everyone’s healing process and experience is unique, most of Dr. Roberts’ patients have fully recovered in about six weeks. 

Get back to leading your fullest life. Call (512) 607-9377 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Roberts at Splendid Aesthetics in Kyle, TX.