Understanding the benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy 

At Splendid Aesthetics of Kyle, Texas, Dr. Robyn Roberts and her team want you to feel your best. In addition to a variety of cosmetic services, she is also pleased to offer bioidentical hormone replacement therapy as a solution for men and women who are struggling with hormone imbalances as they age. Let’s examine what bioidentical hormone therapy is and who can benefit from it.

What is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy?

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, sometimes referred to by its acronym, BHRT, is a natural and individualized approach to managing hormone imbalances in the body. It involves using hormones that are chemically identical to the ones produced by our bodies, making them more easily recognized and utilized by the body. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) uses plant-based hormones derived from natural sources (like yams or soybeans), as opposed to traditional hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which uses synthetic hormones.

What types of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can I choose from?

Our office is pleased to provide two methods: compounded creams and subcutaneous pellets. Both options are extremely safe and effective. Ultimately, the choice should be made on a case-by-case basis with consultation from your healthcare provider.

  • Compounded creams. Compounded creams are made by a compounding pharmacist and contain hormones specifically tailored to an individual’s needs. These creams can be applied topically, usually on the inner arms or legs, and provide a steady release of hormones throughout the day. One of the benefits of compounded creams is that they can be adjusted in strength and dosage based on a patient’s hormone levels and symptoms.
  • Subcutaneous pellets. Subcutaneous pellets are small, rice-sized pellets that contain bioidentical hormones inserted under the skin in the buttocks or hip area. These pellets slowly dissolve over time, providing a sustained release of hormones into the body. They typically last anywhere from three to six months before needing to be replaced. Pellets can be a convenient option for many of our patients.

What do I need to do to start bioidentical hormone replacement therapy?

To begin the process, our team at Splendid Aesthetics encourages you to book an initial consultation appointment if you are a new patient to our practice. This consultation visit allows us to review your past medical records and perform pertinent labs to check your current hormone levels and determine if rebalancing is needed. We talk to you about the goals you would like to achieve with bioidentical hormone therapy and discuss what you can expect from start to finish.

Who can I contact if I’m ready to learn more about undergoing bioidentical hormone replacement therapy at Splendid Aesthetics?

Are you ready to discuss this treatment with an experienced provider? Dr. Robyn Roberts is here to help! Call her office at (512) 607-9377 to request a visit to 1180 Seton Parkway, Suite #320 in Kyle, Texas, and get started finding out more about improving your health and longevity with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy!